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ATP PC150 intelligent PC scale new debut
February 24, 2022

ATP PC150 intelligent PC scale new debut


   Today, with the vigorous development of the Chinese specialty chain store market, the growth of stores requires companies to maintain an efficient organizational and operational structure.Therefore, ATP has developed new PC scales for supermarkets and hypermarkets.

      This is a high performance touchscreen scale with an extra large display for weighing in the fresh produce industry.“In order to be able to realize the true potential of the process optimization of the weighing equipment, from inventory management and purchasing to the daily out-of-business cash entry and settlement, a direct connection to the ERP and network architecture and easy integration with the POS software are extremely important.



      This PC smart scale aiming at the high-end market of the global retail industry, ingeniously designed and carefully built.Using this scheme has the following advantages:

1. PC150 integrates weighing, cash register and printer, with powerful functions, and ultra-thin design, small footprint, especially suitable for food retail stores with high rent, small area and high passenger flow.

2. The 15.6-inch customer display screen of the PC scale can clearly display the detailed information such as the weight, unit price, and total amount of each transaction, so that customers can consume with peace of mind; also, the customer display can play various advertising information such as videos, pictures, text,which can play a role in brand promotion, Promotional advertising, etc.

3. The interface of the PC scale adopts the win10 system, the module is simpler and more intuitive, and all the functions that need to be realized can be seen by the cashier at a glance, and the fastest way to get started. Cashier errors reduce the requirements for cashiers, and solve the problem of staff turnover and difficulty in recruiting workers in many fruit stores. The entire PC scale, as long as you know the words, can basically master the daily operations of the cashier at the fastest speed.

     ATP has always firmly believed: we not only to provide retailers with good products, but also to provide good services  !!!

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