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About how we passed the OIML test
May 07, 2022

About how we passed the OIML test

First of all, we conducted a series of tests on our label bar code scale before starting the test, so as to ensure that it can pass the OIML test on the hardware standard.

The second part is our part in line with the EU standards. Because the EU is significantly higher than the standards of other regions, we have to focus on the relevant materials of R76, including a large number of professional terms and vocabulary. After all preparations are made, we will send samples and relevant materials to NMI for certification, but even so, our first sample delivery ended in failure, We still underestimated the EU's requirements for product quality. It requires not only the compliance of software and hardware, but also the details of the overall appearance, nameplates and screen stickers, as well as the linkage of software and hardware of some products. The misunderstanding of some terms leads to the failure of the first sample delivery.


After the failure, we quickly asked NMI experts to give us one-on-one guidance to guide us to correct the problems in the first sample delivery, and then we upgraded and modified the product appearance and software to meet the high standards of the European Union.

Then we sent the samples for the second time. In the process of certification, I cooperated well with the certification authority and completed the OIML test of the scale according to the EU standard

We got the official certificate from NMI on April 1. Today, on May 7, we can finally find our certificate on OIML's official website.

After one year's efforts, we have finally been recognized by the EU official for our label bar code scale. Thank the experts who have helped us all the way.

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